Two trash cans large and full
Wealth of knowledge, and some  bull
Bannister, Ovett, Lydiard, Coe
Rono, Lindgren, Halberg, oh no!
Walker, Dixon, Cerutty too
A century’s wisdom brought to you
Shorter,  Rodgers, Prefontaine
I’ll never read these books again
Sheehan, Parker, even Derek Fye
A life’s collection, now said  goodbye
Dr. Seuss was also in that lot
His poetry provoking, lyrical and hot
We sat in our  window and watched it pitch
From the curbside to a landfill ditch
I’ll try and keep their words alive
In this column they’ll still survive
Real heroes of our sport, our lore
I’ll not crack your covers any more
But the  lessons, inspirations all
Your achievements shall never fall

We remain without running water or heat, now 12 days.  Ground water still percolating up through the floor.  If you would like to help us replace our electric panel, washer and dryer, HVAC, water heater, refrigerator, freezer, and offset the loss of our market garden efforts your contributions would be most appreciated.