Thank you to USATF Regional Course Certifier Gary Meyer!  Gary took Valley 7 Lakes Marathon Race Director Tristan Nelson under his measurement wing a few weeks ago.  Important that Tristan earn his 42.195 chops from Nebraska’s most prolific and respected measurer.

Full Marathon USATF Certification number- NE19019GM
Half Marathon USATF Certification number NE19020GM

V7LM can now truly and fully lay claim to  “Nebraska’s only completely closed road, USATF Certified Marathon.”  And more importantly, with a maximum elevation gain of  only 32 feet,  solidifies our status as “The Flattest Marathon in the World”.  It may (or may not) take a year or two for the import to set in with Nebraska’s  larger running community.  That’s  cool, the certification is good for 10 years.  We’ll get the first edition off this  coming April 25 and let the athletes be our best ambassadors.

How do  we top that?  We go out and measure another pancake flat, lightning fast, marathon course as back  up.   Just in case last year’s biblical  floods aren’t so biblical.