I am fielding questions every day about Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Registrations are going as expected, we have sailed past half way point on the way to our cap of 500 runners.  Better Giddyup!   Register today!

There are no cloaks, no smoke and mirrors, no sleight of hand, no shell game, no man behind the curtain, no abracadabra, no secrets involved in this endeavor.  I’ve laid out exactly what our intentions  are, to put on a World Class Race with Small Town Charm.  The guru prerogative, detailing how its done.   Sharing our progress with my Nebraska and national readership.

Working on getting a very special guest in town to be our Official Starter.  More on that later.

Look, this is an exciting time for long distance running.  A new spring marathon put on to showcase America’s best athletes.  The buzz, its growing every day.  From renowned coach Jerry Alexander- ” I hope that you can make this race into a fixture on the spring schedule. There is definitely a gap in the calendar, and I hope you can fill it.”

Exactly what we are aiming to do Jerry.  A Changing of the Guard.