I was the very first customer at the Upstream Legacy location and will be the very last.  A group of the “regulars” met for a final time last night, sharing stories of 10 years.  Friends made and lost, favorite bartenders and beers.

I built a big part of the Omaha running community at the Upstream.  Taking the crew, sometimes numbering in the 30s-40s, after our Wednesday Night Track Work (its called Omaha Endurance Group these days).  Having dozens of Team Nebraska then NRGE, LLC road race management committee meetings.

But it was the friends I made that helped me through the most difficult period of my life.  Sri and Dave and me,  the Three Wise Men, our seats at the bar considered hallowed ground.  So much wisdom dispensed, so many problems solved.  So much beer drank.

Our gathering last night showed surprising.  Sri has lost over 25 pounds, Dave too slimmer, almost certainly result of empty seats at the bar.  We’ve all moved on and to seeming greener pastures and that was the best part of the evening.  We all needed the Upstream at turbulent times in our lives, were cast together by none other than Falstaff.  And came through with  smiles and toasts to each other.  Hopefully not for the last time.


$2 beers until the doors close for good this Sunday, $5 refill of growlers.  This corner of the Upstream filled with laughter and memories one last time.