The Big News for most local yokels was Kaci Lickteig taking 2nd overall woman at Western States.  I got several emails regarding last Wednesday’s call for Kaci to win the thing.   All said I was nuts.  Received several more yesterday wondering how in the world I was the closest prediction to her actual finish.  How did I do it?  Because I know her.  Better.  Than most.  Her sea of well deserved congratulations demonstrates what a delightful young lady she is in addition to be a natural born trail running talent (think of a V-8 engine in a smart car).   Linda fondly recalled that once upon a time she ran for me and I coached her to a 17 minute marathon personal best.  But my she has grown tremendously in the sport since those  days.

But Hey Now!  Let’s not forget to toast and celebrate the women’s winner!  Magdalena Lewy Boulet.  Her story, in a nut shell.  Polish immigrant that married U.S. certified middle distance stud Richie Boulet.  Gained her citizenship on September 11, 2001.  Represented the  USA in the 2008 Olympic Marathon.  She’s 41 years old.  Western States was her very first 100 Miler.  She’s World  Class.  And Kaci is now right behind her at the century distance.

More Chicken Dinners!  Heavily slathered in personal best gravy!

Sam and Jackson Runde took their aspirations to Minneapolis this past weekend’s AAU Regional Championships.  I’ve sung praises to the hard work they’ve put in.  A little Monday Pudding for you:
Boys 13 year old 800 meters
1. Sam Runde   2:22.80*  personal best
2. Cade Mash    2:27.58  (Altoona, IA)

Boys 9 year old 800 meters
1. Ryan Becker   2:51.76
2. Jackson Runde  2:52.56* personal best

Boys 13 year old 1500 meters
1. Sam Runde  4:56.26* personal best
2. Cade Mash   5:06.58
3. Ethan Vargas 5:06.65 (Hudson, WI)

Boys 9 year old 1500 meters
1. Ryan Becker  5:48.85 (Shakopee, MN)
2. Jackson Runde 5:50.36*  personal best

Boys 13 year old 3000 meters
1. Sam Runde     10:33.62*  personal best

Boys 9 year old 400 meters
1. Darren Burch Walker  1:10.55 (Saint Paul, MN)
2. Jackson Runde  1:18.22* personal best



Magdalena (middle) posing with Deena Kastor and Blake Russell immediately after crossing the finish line in Boston at the 2008 USA Women’s Olympic Trials.