Today a nod to a couple of fellas that I respect.  You know I’ll tie it into running before I wrap.

Rest in Peace Kirk Douglas.  I sat in front of our black and white television, well past my bedtime, watching you kick ass with blade, fist, and six gun.  His biggest fight picked with McCarthyism.  A tough guy able to take a punch.

Yesterday Mitt Romney stuck his chin out at the Republican Party.  Remember this column is apolitical.  But when a guy stands up for his principles, against all opposition, well, he has my respect.

I sat at an intimate dinner table with Mitt in 2006.  Gregarious, eloquent, funny.  The Boston Athletic Association brought him in for our 2008 USA Olympic Trials Site Selection visit.  His experience with the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics prompting the invite.

I’ve stuck my chin out and invited the best swings of those that oppose Run Guru Says.  My words, my programs, my visions.  Taken every blow without slowing down.

If you believe in something, if you are trying to change something, keep up the good fight.