Homage to George Michael’s iconic t-shirt.  His rhythm and movement.  Dance, primitive, sultry and seductive, that’s what his music brought out of me.  And more.

Choose life.

New Years right around the corner, done with ’16 reflections, looking ahead now.  The way of the world, a recurring theme between these margins.

Here’s something both scary and immensely rewarding.  I’ll turn 60 in 2017.

Sixty years.  A lot of trips around el sol and nowhere near done.  Just beginning in fact.

The first few an infant, the next many a child.  The older you get the larger the number you ascribe to “adulthood.”  When you’re 20 you insist on it.  When you’re 30 you embrace it.   When you’re 40 you get it.  When you’re 50 you enjoy it.  When you’re 60, that chapter awaits….

Neighbor Carl will be 88 soon.  They’ve taken away his driver’s license and his car.  Taken away his rifles.   Still tends 5 acres and 25 chickens by himself.   I don’t believe he is  feeble at all.  He takes every turn, in turn.  They might keep him on the property but they’ll never keep him down.  He’s now my right hand man, fetching this, holding that.  I remind him daily how much he means to me.

My own dad in southwest Oklahoma 85 next week.  Had an angiogram yesterday and everything is fine.  I remind him often too how much he means to me.

Be grateful in 2017.  For those still around you first and foremost.

Those are things that matter most.

Choose Life.