But first, congrats to Pete Kostelnick for the win at the Monument Marathon (2:52:56) and his lovely wife Nikki making her 26.2 debut a 4th o/a female in 3:43:29.

The knowing hand deftly moves and the tumblers gently fall into place.  Like any true craftsman, the touch intuitive.  Coordinating the eyes and ears and fingertips.

If I’ve worn my heart on the old sleeve you know I haven’t been really pleased with the state of competitive distance running in Nebraska, for the last three years or so.  A lot has  changed.  Even me, but only in the right  ways I hope.

The mission?  Excellence locally, regionally, and nationally.  It started with Drew, and then Kevin, and last week we added Jay.  I proclaimed that trio  as potentially 3 of the best in Nebraska.  We’ve added our fourth.

I’m happy to announce Al Sanabria has joined our quest to be the best.  After several weeks of phone interviews Al made it to the Bar None for Saturday’s group run.  And two way interview.  Five members from our board of directors present.  Kind of a big deal and here’s why:
UNK Loper school record holder for 10000 meters (29:38.38)
2015 Pan Am Games 10000 Meters
*Costa Rican XC National Champion  *Al has dual citizenship with Costa Rica and the U.S.

Click.  Click.  First up, bringing the Living History Farms team title back west of the Missouri, where I like to insist it belongs.


Easy going on the outside, damn fierce on the inside.  Welcome Mate!