Almost a year ago since the Nebraska Run Guru Elite women showed they were a force.  The 2014 Boystown 5 Mile was one of my favorite local races since arriving here in 2001.  The battle up front seared into my archives.  The entire field chasing Jessica, including her mate Michel Davy.  Me in my usual position astride the “Official Bike” designation, best seat in the house.  Michel would use the final 100 meters to finally pass Jess, inspiring as hell.  Top two women in the biggest “Road” race of the year in Omaha.   As an encore, we’ve got a little surprise up our sleeves for this coming Monday’s edition.


Michel Davy and Jessica Pape prior to last year’s gun.  All smiles, all business.  Receiving my final instructions on who to beat; Everyone!  These girls fear no footsteps, no reputations, no crazies, nothing.  They run with the hubris of their coach and guiding spirit.  Think not?  Come get some!