Linda and I were headed to a graduation party yesterday, I posed the following:

“If you could at this point,  give advice to your high school self, what would you say?”

Easy to ask, harder to answer.  Based on my own experiences here is some sage counsel to Will, Class of ’75.

  1. Be nice.  Treat everyone with kindness.  I know people that live this way and they seem to be the happiest.
  2. Be respectful.  Everyone deserves their due, opinions aside, dovetails with number one.
  3. Patience is a Virtue.
  4. Find your passion and life will be wonderful.
  5. Redefine your sense of moderation.  A recalibration of over indulgent lifestyle from 1975-1983.
  6. Know when to walk away.
  7. Know when to Run.
  8. Cherish every day.
  9. Find Humility.  A daily pursuit.
  10. Be Thankful.  For what you have.