Betting is open!  Step up to the window and place your wagers folks!  Who ya got?

The rankings are in, they mean diddly squat.  Real Racing trumps all the  hype and reputations and laurels and records.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Billy Mills.

Anticipation, you’ve got me waiting on you.  The collective we, with baited breath, paging Mssrs. Hirsch and Greder.  Madamoiselles Muma, McGinn, and Somers.  Oui?

Permit to peddle.  “What you need is permits!”  The mantra of road racing in Omaha slides right over to market garden sales.  In order to offer ovum or oregano you need  Douglas Co. Health Dept. blessings plus $141 in fees.

Linda and I toured the AkSarBen Farmer’s Market Sunday.  What I found out I share:  Our eggs have been declared the best eggs in Nebraska.  Thirty year market veteran, Prairie Gator Produce owner and my mentor has granted me quotes, saying “These are the ‘A’ eggs in Nebraska, pasture raised with best sustainable practices, there might be a couple operations  as good but there are none better.”  How bout that!

A tad bit of clean up at Giddyup!  The NRGE, Inc web page crack staff of volunteers will pour over local results and news and photos, reporting and athlete features.  To all those that have made contributions over the last 4 years, we thank you.  For those on board for the next 4 years, Giddyup!  My philosophy has always been about striving to be the very best individually and as a club.  From day one I’ve worn it on my sleeve.  You’ve read about it, you’ve listened to it.  You’ve  embraced it.  Or not.  Or did but didn’t.  Or did but don’t.  Philosophically I haven’t changed.  “Stimulating the running community to a more competitive culture.”