Its been an unusual summer here in the Good Life.  Plenty of heat is nothing new but the humidity, it’ll kill you.

Hoping for a downturn over the next few weeks.  There is the veritable cornucopia of fall Omaha metro marathons coming right up.  Four marathons in 5 weeks, what to do, what to do?

Wabash Trace Marathon- September 8th.
HITS Omaha Marathon (HITS, Saugerties, NY)- September 16th.
Heartland Marathon (Omaha Running Club)- September 23
Nebraska Marathon (Joe Sutter)- October 14.

*Des Moines Marathon- October 21.

The State Fair Marathon in Grand Island was Saturday August 25.  First time in memory that the bus didn’t come down from Coon Rapids, no C level Kenyans.  125 finishers (48 female, 77 male).  Javier Ceja (2:30:52) of the Kansas City Smoke showed Team Nebraska mates Luka Thor (2:33:57) and Peter Falcon (debut, 2:34:26) the way to the finish  Their mate on the distaff side Jen Freeman ran 3:07:57 for the win, 23 minutes ahead of 2nd and 3rd.  Her one millionth marathon run between 3:05-3:10, as steady as they come.

So here’s hoping for a big cool down for you.  Our crowded calendar awaits.

Peter Falcon made his long anticipated marathon debut, under less than ideal conditions, in Grand Island.  Give him a cool morning, depth of competition, and a true Closed Road Course and he has the potential to go sub 2:25 in my opinion.