Reprised my role as lead bike for the Lake Wehrspann 10K.  Sixth time in seven years.  Always the best seat in the house.  Nathan Swenson (unattached) and Michael Morrison (Team Nebraska) set out a a steady 5:25 pace through the first mile.  Still together at 2 (11:00), the pair soon parted company with Nate gently pulling away to a 12 second lead by mile 3, and  stretched it to a minute and three by the  tape.  Kaci Lickteig hopped in for some tempo  work and finished 3rd overall.


Michael Morrison and  Nathan Swenson  coming into the mile at 5:25.

Run Rabbit Run!  Or, critter control.  I get between 2-3 rabbits every single day.  And if a coon in the trap quick with mercy to those.  Open sight on the rifle, scopes are for  pussies.  My dad’s dead eye dialed in, I rarely need leave the porch for dispatchments.  Deep breath and slow exhale.  Breath and trigger finger and eyes and heart rate, the Zen of it all.  This morning’s initial shot a long one, knocked the clematis leaf out if its mouth, nothing more.  Little Zippy now hauling it across the back yard, me calmly reloading the single shot.  Processing speed, distance, timing, a grin acknowledging paternal advantage, the breath and squeeze, the thud and spastic jump indicating no miss.  With my coffee and morning  paper.

Deja vu all over again?  There are chapters in Nebraska running lore that were difficult and or painful for parties involved.  My recent call for history on our USATF LDR facebook page brought a lot of names out of the books with their own tales.  Most, thank  goodness sending me emails- some with strong if not caustic emotions and memories of their generation’s venerated and stars.  Some shocking even.  All before I got to Nebraska.  Some things never change (people).  There are those even today willing to drag up the old and hurtful for their entertainment (“lol”!)  Who would summon old demons best left under “lock and key.”

My advice, from personal experience, is to keep our USATF LDR facebook clean if lively.   Keep to business.  Understand that what you say there is being cut and pasted.  An explosion of requests to join us over there in the last 10 days and now our words showing up on other groups.  Just be careful and realize that there are those documenting, even saving,  your every  word.  The world we live in.