First mow of the year in the books.  Our friends over at Ty’s Outdoor Power in Gretna making sure the Bar None keeps coiffed.  A breeze with the 60″ deck and all the power a man could want.


It’s not how well I mow fast, its how fast I mow well.  Linda keeps the yard picked up, free of pinecones, branches, detritus of country living.  Any little thing gets caught up in the six spinning blades of speed and it gets chopped to pieces, graphic images of Fargo in green.  We find a daily pass over the property is necessary, stuff comes down from on high with every wind.  Counting scrubs, nearly 100 trees on the property, none more majestic than the trio of towering Cottonwoods.  Also provide the most litter, grand scale.

The other meaning to today’s column, you knew it was in here.  Humans, fragile and fallible.  We fall daily.  How you get back up is what is important.