Freedom.  Financial and otherwise.  Its the way I have chosen to live my life.  And it says just about everything you need to know about me.  Over 40 years of credit cards.  Never once carried a balance forward, not one red cent in interest.  Paid cash for the Bar None.

Debt free.  Not beholdin to anyone.  Living within my means so that no one else can tell me what to do, how to do it, why to do it, when to do it, where to do it.

Choose to live your own life, it has tremendous rewards.  Be principled.  Be independent minded, don’t let popular culture sway you.  It’s not easy, wait a minute, yes it is.

Peak to Peak 10 Mile this past weekend.  No runners under 60 minutes.

Woody Greeno this past weekend, some fast college times as always.  Several USATF Nebraska Association athletes raced.  I am ever so curious.  The results link, Woody Greeno Results  includes only the top collegiate finishers.   If you know where I can check performances for our USATF Nebraska Association members and clubs, unattached or not, thanks in advance.

Omaha Marathon also  this past weekend.  My old KC Smoke buddy Kory Cool using his long training run for the win in 2:33:49.  In the Half Marathon Josh Baden ran a remarkable and solo 1:08:56 for the W.  In the 10K no runners under 38:00.  In the 5K NRGE’s Liz Starbuck took the Overall overall win in a time somewhere between the 18:45 on her watch and the 19:19 in the official results.