Drats!  But maybe not.  I woke up a free man this morning, most of the sadness absorbed into my pillow.  The virus I had on my computer was almost completely fatal,  only a couple of now cherished photos and a two or three dated documents remain.  Seven years of my work, “Poof!”   I lay awake in bed last night uttering lamentations on my misfortune.  Real life is like running.  Easy to be cruising along and then out of nowhere a speedbump jars you back to the Reality of circumstances unexpected and sometimes devastating.

It is how you move forward that defines your character.

When I rose this morning I was resolute that this was Destiny’s Grand Design.  Karma’s way of unshackling me from the nearly 10,000 emails stored in various folders and files.  Many of which have haunted me for months on end as they kept slipping down the queue.  Unfinished projects dissolved, myself absolved.  Free.  Free to focus on and move forward with only the most relevant and heartfelt of tasks.  I think I’m going to like this newfound liberty.

Brian Wandzilak is hosting a USATF Sanctioned 1 Mile tomorrow night.  There will be some Very Good competition, details at Everyone welcome to come out and participate or spectate.


3 Large lemons, halved and sqeezed into 12 oz. tumbler
3 ice cubes
2 tablespoons herb infused simple syrup
Splash of Triple Sec
Splash of Club Soda
Top off with Knob Creek 9 year old bourbon whiskey
Stir and Celebrate your Personal Freedoms!