Sitting with the Hansons Training group in the  auditorium of St. Louis University in 2003.  Just prior to the start of the USA Women’s Marathon National Championships.  Keith and Kevin introduced me to Desiree Davila.  She had been accepted into the group and there were those in the running community that wondered how/why.  Less than stellar collegiate credentials but a tough as nails competitor.  I’ve had the pleasure of cheering for Desi for the last 15 years.  Never louder than yesterday.

Linda and I were headed to Raymond, NE to pick out our new pup yesterday when naming came  up.  Boston was the safe choice but we decided if an American woman won it would be in her honor.  We both wanted Desi.  Shalane or Molly would have been good but Desi was perfect.

We watched with pride as our Run Guru Elite athletes battled the worst weather in 30 years.  Nicole Norris (3:14:29) was 2nd Nebraska Female (Karissa Stack, unattached, 3:00:32).  Jackie Freeman (3:47:24) defied all obstacles en route to a memorable finish.  Cameron Cummings 2:47 keeping his Boston streak alive.  Run Guru Elite with 3 finishers, Giddyup!  Top Nebraska fella, Cory Logsdon’s 2:39:27.

The Boston Marathon.  America’s Marathon.  The Marathon.

We got our Jedediah three weeks before the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Named him “Jedediah Strong”, the latter to become forever intertwined  with the Marathon.  Only fitting that our new addition to  the  family is named “Desiree Strong”.  Anatolian Shepherd/Lab mix.  Seven weeks old, we look forward to many years and miles with her.