Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Hardly know where to start today so I’ll just plunge right in:

Had the Most Fun at a race in over 10 years this weekend.  Discharged my pacing duties with my usual aplomb.  John Tully‘s goal of <26:00 didn’t come easy for him though.  We split 8:20, 16:40 and then I had to start riding him hard, especially the last 600 meters or so.  Riding crop in hand, I beat him with everything I had down the homestretch and we crossed the line together in 25:58.  The most rewarding experience I’ve had in running since moving to Omaha.  John really had to dig down into some places he’d never been, this was a lifetime pr for him at age 57.  Denny Gray also had his best 5K in over three years running a nice 25:08, pretty speedy for his 61 years.  So proud of our Wednesday night Track group!

I ran a West Loop 5K Time Trial with my client Carrie on Sunday morning.  She is progressing well, finished the 5K without walking in 34:38.  Inspiring to work with athletes of all abilities, it really is my privilege.

Shain Kephart contacted me several weeks ago about joining TNB.  I suggested he come to a Wednesday night Track Work, he did this past and cranked out a nice set of quarters.  Recommended he run the 10K this weekend, I spoke to him shortly before the start and told him if he won the race it punched his ticket to the Red & White.  He went on to win in 35:54.  Welcome Shain!  And Jimmie Doherty too.  Jimmie reached out at the Lake Wehrspann 10K, he had just run 42:00 and was wondering what it took to be on TNB.  I told him to start coming to the track, which he has, and he turned in a 38:00 10K yesterday despite having to stop and put his shoe back on.  Welcome Jimmie!

These young athletes that are serious enough to contact me and follow through have nothing but my highest esteem.  I’m known to be a gumbly old fart that doesn’t suffer fools or posers.  If you have the huevos to look me in the eye and tell me it would be an honor to run for Team Nebraska Brooks, then Welcome!  Bienvendios!  Welkommen!

Linda Barnhart was the overall women’s 10K winner, her 2nd RRCA State Championship of the summer, having won the NE 5 Mile last month.  She will bust up the Corporate Cup 10K and then tackle the Omaha Half Marathon. Catch her if you can!

Jody Green, Carole Swanson, and Kristin Ramm were the Overall Female Tethered Team at the Mud Run in Lincoln.  Good clean fun!

Last Tuesday Aaron Carrizales cranked out 4 X 1 Mile in 5:05, 5:03, 5:05, 5:12.  Not bad in the 100+ degree heat.  He followed that up Thursday with 3 X 3 Miles @ 16:30 with only 3:00 recovery.  Aaron will be running the San Jose Half Marathon shooting for the sub 1:05 necessary for the USA Men’s Olympic Trials Marathon.  He’s also signed up for the Corporate Cup, this year’s race is going to be deep and fast.  Aaron’s training partner John Seiler will also run San Jose and is looking to break his 1:15:08 pr he set at Lincoln in May.

Matt Schneider did 18 miles on Saturday with the last 10K in 35:54.  Wife Meghan did 6 miles @ 7:00 pace, they both are looking good heading into the Sioux Falls Marathon.

Kaci Lickteig ran 4 X 1.5 miles (800 rec) on Thursday, hitting the last set at 5:46 pace.

Megan Zavorka ran her longest ever run of 15 miles on Saturday.  All solo, a great workout leading into the USA Women’s 10 Mile National Championships.

Ben Shultz ran 10 X 400 @ 76-77 on Saturday morning.

Fall is here and Everyone is getting fit.

Denny Gray and John Tully have worked hard this summer and were rewarded with some great performances this weekend.  Congratulations and Thanks for letting me be a part of the morning.