One of the things I love about my Linda are her malapropisms/colloquialisms.  Little delights sprinkled throughout our days.  Today’s column title her description of Jed responding to the coyotes last night.

While your ears are “wide up” let me tell you about skinning cats.

One way is to herd all the best cats together to Own The Show.  I did that for over 10 years.

Another way is to Own the Best Show and attract the best cats with it.  I’m doing that.

Yes, USATF Course Certification and Sanctioning matter.  They  give athletes the only legitimate platform from which to crow and qualify.  So, Ears Up!  The 2017 USATF Nebraska Association (or simply me) will be keeping a close and hard eye on Legitimate Performances.  Achieved on courses, designated by our National Governing Body as  Eligible for Performance and Record Consideration.

Zach Hine’s 1:04:48 at the Freedom Run Half Marathon the fastest in over 30 years on Nebraska soil.  In little ‘ol Valley, Nebraska.

I’m  not going to consider Grant Wintheiser’s 2016 marks, 15:06 5K and 24:12 8K on the very same courses.  Listen!  If I disqualify performances from my own painstakingly measured course, due to paperwork delays no less, how in the heck am I supposed to recognize performances from events that raise their noses and sniff at USATF rules?  And still want to be included in annual performance lists?  Still want some claim of legitimacy based on historical comparisons.  Tell me again where did they set that turn around cone back in 2006?

Here’s the grist I’m milling.

I’m not done yet.  The 2017 Winter Series (little ‘ol Waterloo) is attracting most of the best runners.  How?  With Certification and Sanctioning.  So their marks actually mean something.  Relative to those outside their spheres of popularity.  Being able to make sound, legitimate, athletic comparisons across kits and state lines.

Here’s how to skin this guru cat.

Put on faster, legitimate, USATF Certified and Sanctioned road races.  Design your courses for speed.  Give our best athletes the best shot at potential realized while they are in their prime of fitness.  Give them the lifetime memory of personal bests on Your Course, at Your Race.   They deserve the minimal effort required.  Don’t you agree?  And if you don’t, please support your position to the athletes.  It is starting to matter more and more to them.  North, South, East, and West.

I’m hoping the other powers that be don’t sit idly by whilst all the USATF Nebraska Association leading times are coming from Valley and Waterloo.  That is my gauntlet.  Do  something more and better for Nebraska’s best.    Legitimize your events for their sake.   What say you?

Our athletes, regardless of kit,  deserving and Ears Wide Up!