Working and working on the word work.

Ramping up efforts for this summer’s garden.  Seeds have been ordered and received from The Natural Gardening Company.  Starter kits in place, over sized chest freezer purchased ($60 at New Life Thrift, score), visions of various voluptuous veggies dancing in my head.

Getting things lined out on the race management front too.  The Two Rivers Twosome 10K Couples Run has already doubled from last year’s inaugural effort, putting the R in running and romance.  Sponsored by Victoria’s Secret and Bakers Candies.

Ni-Bthaska-Ke just getting our print media rolled out.  Packet pick up and registrations for both events will be held at Omaha’s premiere running store, Peak Performance.

Some interesting television recently, I especially enjoyed “Chasing Shackelton” about a group re-enacting Sir Ernest Shackelton‘s amazing experience aboard the Endurance.  Several great books on the subject, one of the most inspiring stories in the history of mankind.

Omaha!  Omaha!  Even the mildest of football fans now know about our fair city.  My dear sweet Allison maybe appreciates it just a wee bit more.  In her own words “It was an amazing season with the Broncos. We fed everybody from the employees who worked at the stadium to John Elway and Payton Manning to The Fray..unforgettable and I’m ready for next season! ”  Just a couple weeks left to her heady ride to the Super Bowl.  I’m so proud of you dear!


Collage.  Top left- Kevin Hanson and I getting some instruction in origami at the 2002 Hanji Aoki Chiba International Ekiden in Japan.   Top right- I show my work to Charlotte Thomas as our interpreter looks on.  Charlotte’s grandfather was Sir Ernest Shackelton.  It was thrilling for me to fly across the world and back with her, she answering many questions I had about her famous grandfather.  It was pretty cool sharing a cedar cabin with Kevin for a week too.  Bottom pic- All the teams assembled for the group photo.   Look closely and you can’t miss me or our USA team.   I would carry the American flag at the next morning’s opening ceremonies, an honor I’ll never forget.

20140121_085136You’ll note that we offer race day registration but not chip timing for those waiting until race morning.  I didn’t agree with it at first but after finding out that all of the Lincoln Track Club events have adopted similar protocol I couldn’t argue with our timing vendor.