I’ll admit to taking the twists and turns at USATF especially hard.  It might be difficult for some to understand the depth of my ponderings, but as a volunteer within the organization for the last 18 years I am invested.  And as dark as some of my words have been recently, I do still believe there is good to come.

Buoyed by words from one of the top running administrators in the United States.

No, not Peg.

Linda and I met with Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick last night.  It was great to catch up with one of my oldest colleagues, we came into USATF together back in ’96.  Me a raw and passionate man, she quite polished and calm, worked with and for each other for well over a decade, we have stories out the wazoo.  Kim was elected as  Women’s Long Distance Running Chair  in 2012 and is doing good things as always.  Linda as Athlete Development Chair is one of her direct reports.  When the invitation to join her last night came we couldn’t say no.  A chance to sit down and discuss the past, the present, and the future of Long Distance Running in the U.S., in Nebraska, even in Omaha.  Me now only a little less raw and just as passionate, she still as polished as can be.

I came away with a better appreciation of why the US Olympic Trials Marathon wound up in Los Angeles instead of my favored Houston.  Came away too with an ameliorated position on the ever passionate Al Salazar’s antics from this past weekend.

We also watched the Creighton Women beat the Seton Hall Pirates 70-50.  Kim is the Senior Associate Athletic Director at the Hall.  Oversees women’s volleyball, basketball, cross country, and soccer.  Joining us were two locals that are proud and supportive Seton Hall alumni.  Ed and Elaine Pohren (yes, Matty P’s folks) both graduated from Seton Hall.  So did Matt’s youngest sister.  One of the finest family’s in Omaha if you ask me.

Circles, I like Circles.  And old friends.