Day three and not a peep.  No wonder most people don’t want to be involved in the day to day business as usual.  Hopefully just enough people are going to continue the chase.

As mentioned Monday our USATF  Nebraska Assoc. meeting was Sunday afternoon.  A lot of talk, so much talk, talk, talk, talk.

But  where’s the walk, walk, walk?

A demerit for our association for failure of the LDR committee  to post information on our website.   Colin Morrissey’s minutes from the LDR breakout are still not posted.  I emailed our  association President,  John Wissler and membership chair Cindy DeSantiago on Tuesday morning, looking for the email of Darwin Gushard, our association webmaster.  Still have not heard back from either.  Had to go to everyone’s favorite Monkey Wrench for the contact info.  Minutes submitted Tuesday afternoon, copying everyone present at the meeting as well as Wissler and DeSantiago.

Still nothing.  And I’m sure the webmaster position is a thankless task.  No less the membership chair.  That is why Darwin receives a $1000 stipend for his duties.  Cindy receives $1250 for hers.  The only  two  positions in our association that have a built in stipend for services.


So no wonder you are only interested in the Grand Prix prize money and not the daily  hassle and grind of red tape.    I hope that is enough.

So here you go:

Date: 9/13/2015

Time: 4:00 pm

In attendance: Colin Morrissey, Will Lindgren, Linda Kunasek, and Michael Hajek-Jones

LDR chair proxy: Will Lindgren (given e-mail permission by Peter to stand in for Peter)

Changes approved:

Member Services: USATF is centered on member services and serving the athlete. Members in Nebraska shall no longer have to declare that they are a USATF member in order to participate in championship events and be scored.

Defining the roles of our LDR chair: A committee was set up to define the duties of the LDR chair. The committee is comprised of  Colin Morrissey, Will Lindgren, Linda Kunasek, and Michael Hajek-Jones. The committee in due time will publish the roles of the LDR chair holder.

Bids for future Championship Events and or LDR published series events need to follow the following guidelines:

  • Open bid process
  • Strive for geographic balance in location of events
  • Multiple championship distances can’t be competed simultaneously
  • All road race championship events need to be USATF certified
  • Hosting should be given preference to USATF member organizations

National USATF Annual meeting in Houston: 15 open spots were available to send members to the annual meeting in Houston. Will and Linda volunteered to represent our LDR program at the annual meeting. It was approved that those going to the meeting would each get a $300 stipend towards travel related expenses.

LDR breakout closed at 4:25