For everyone that is champing at the bit to get started on your Lincoln training, Fear Not!  Work and aplenty  to  be done, but just not quite yet.  You’d better be ready on February 7th.

Kevin Joerger and Drew Prescott led the way at Saturday’s Full Wolf Moon 5K.  16:23 and 16:34 respectively, both running easily and smoothly enough to not spill their hot chocolate.  We needed a little blue and yellow or red and white to instill some urgency I think.

My client Jennifer Wilson reports running a new season’s best at Saturday’s No Frills 5 Mile, giddyup!  I don’t see the results on Craig’s website but feel confident there was a good field as always.

Kevin has decided to forego indoors to focus  on the Shamrock Shuffle and the Lincoln Half.  Good news for those running indoors, not so good for those running the Lincoln Half.  I’m predicting here that if Kevin doesn’t win Lincoln, then Grant Wintheiser does.  I’ll suggest that Jay Welp also finishes in the top 5.

For the Shamrock  Shuffle, well, I’ve promised the EAC that we will make a  real run at a top 5 finish.