Stepped outside for the paper and the noise was almost deafening this morning.  Tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Canadian Snow Geese overhead, trekking to warmer climes.  Invisible just above the shroud of clouds.  Our Little Slice smack dab in the middle of the Platte and Elkhorn Rivers.  Migratory instinct genetically imprinted over thousands of years, the annual show now in full splendor.  Harbingers of single and minus digits, we’ll all be hunkering down soon.

14:42.  Shot across your bow.  Craig Donnelly’s 5K time trial last Sunday, on an undersized indoor track.  Benchmark for the upcoming training cycle.  Coming to get you.    Oh yeah.

More 2014 Excelsiors:
1) Kyle Clouston, Peter Falcon, and I earning our USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification.
2) Coaching Sam (age 11) and Jackson Runde (age 8) to the AAU Junior National Championships, Sam notching a 40 second best en route to a 6th Overall in the 3000.
3) State 20K records for Zach Hine and Whitney Bevins Lazzara at the inagural Freedom Run Half Marathon.  The fastest half marathon on Nebraska soil in 30 years by Zach, 1:04:48, qualifying him for the 2016 USA Olympic Trials Marathon.
4) Two men, Luka Thor (2:22:28) and Eric Noel (2:22:40), showing that their is hope for Nebraska after all.
5) Women Run Nebraska joining the competitive landscape.
6) Spending half a day with Tim Dooling, getting to know the legend and the man.
7) A jam packed calendar of runs, some actually getting competitive.
8) My emancipation from Facebook (from over 1000 to 323 friends).
9) Kyle Clouston, Pete Kostelnick, Jimmie Doherty, Mike Wasson, Jerrod Anzalone, Jeremy Morris, James McGown, Craig Donnelly, John Tully, Walter Key, Cameron Cummings, Mike Reilly.  Real Men, Real Friends.
10) Amber Sargent, Michel Davy, Jessica Pape, Linda Kunasek, Stacy Mangers Shaw, Allison Moy-Borgan, Ashley Schurman, Scottie Shaw, Tammy Consbruck, Briana Adams.  Strong Women, Strong Friends.