First of all:  I like the team.  I Really Like the team.  Not up on the USATF website but the following athletes will continue the proud tradition of repping and racing at the USA Club XC Championships next weekend.  I couldn’t be happier.

Eric Rasmussen.  Nate Stack.  Peter Falcon.  Kyle Smith.  Colin Morrissey.  Giddyup Team Nebraska!

I’m predicting the best finish ever.  As stated many times before, I remain the biggest fan of Team Nebraska athletes.  How in the world could anyone ever top me?  No matter who or what, the lineage will always trace right back to the Run Guru.  Family Pride.

Thanks to everyone for yesterday’s birthday wishes, my best one yet.  Here’s why:  Golden, CO.

Spending time with my Loving Linda and Dear Sweet Allison.  And my first cousins that I haven’t seen in 35 and 40 years respectively. Rugged individualists as you might expect.  Both in their sixties now.  Hours around the table.  Learning more about my maternal side of the family than I’ve ever known.  Finding out that my middle namesake grandpa (Everett) was fully one half Cherokee.  And that the madness that consumed my mom stemmed far into the family history.  The struggles of Real Life in the Real World.  Real People with Real Problems.  No glossing over for appearance or zip code sake.

Real Life is beautiful and wonderful and in complete honesty for all of us, sometimes a little terrible and crazy.  Its those that would try and convince you that their world is nothing but super and better and above that you’d best keep the keenest eye on.  Its easier to trust those that are forthright in their foibles than those that cast illusion.


Colin will be leading the mates in Bend , OR.  I’ll be there in spirit.