11-19-56.  11-28-57.  12-24-58.  Cindy, Willie, Jim.

Happy Birthday little brother!    Mom and dad had three children in 3 years and 35 days.  They just don’t make them like that  anymore.  The U.S. birth rate is hovering at an all time low.  Women age 40 are much less likely to be married today (91% in 1990, 61% in 2017).

Grab you mom and give her a hug.  Same for your dad.  And if you have siblings count yourself lucky.

From a few years ago, we’d already lost mom to lung cancer at age 72.   I’ve seen my brother twice in the last 20 years but we stay in regular phone contact.  Dad had 4 brothers growing up.  He will be 87 on January 5th.  And as life turns out only I produced a male heir to the name.  The Lindgren line rests on the shoulders of my son Miles.  Always keeping fingers crossed that he will buck the trend and give me a grandson or two and some granddaughters too!

I hope you will all check in after you set out cookies and milk tonight, my 10th (?) annual Christmas Classic awaits.