Wind up, wind down,  wind up again.  Much of last winter spent diagramming eighty feet by sixty feet, what would go where, through successive plantings, careful not to repeat the previous year’s pattern.  Pretty much nailed it.  And along the way, a couple of developments that necessitated a 33% expansion, reconfiguring, and operational executive decision making.  A dynamic quilt of farm fresh, best organic practices if you will.

The newest trick is learning how and what to grow over the late fall and into winter.  As dictated by the customers.  Boutique, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Mini hoop houses now dotting the Bar None.  Collards, carrots, spinaches, lettuces, parsnips already emerging, all manner of other winter root vegetables slated for the raised beds I’ve been constructing this week.

Good honest work with benefits.  I am this close to achieving 10 perfect chin ups out on the old maple tree.  Five forward, five reversed, goal is to hit 10 of each.  Linda has never seen me so “jacked and stacked”, the only supplements I need being free weights and nightly medicine ball routine.  #farmstrong

And always with the Good Housekeeping.  Clean as a whistle around here.  Especially the chicken coop, daily attention ensuring a welcoming environment for everyone, Bar None.  Yielding two dozen/day.  Sell all we can, eat what we want, barter or give away the rest.

This year’s honey the best I’ve ever tasted if not as much as I’d hoped for.  Best because it came from right here on the property.   Almost everything does at this point.

Go into “town” once every couple of weeks for dry provisions (flour, rice) and a couple of wet ones (milk, beer).   The only needs not met by our own labours, not yet anyway, Linda with plans on adding a couple sheep or a cow to address our unmet dairy needs.  Me keeping a keen eye out for a grindstone.

Learning as we go and as we grow.