20150619_150211Been a while since I’ve done a Bar None report.  All work and no play makes Willie a dull boy.  Found this hammock I’ve had since the early 80s.  At the end of some days, with feet up and beer in hand, I can almost feel the breezes coming in off  the Gulf of Mexico.

The good news is that Linda and I are loving each other more and more every day, no kidding.  Life these last two years has gotten better with every sunrise, our lives merging into what surely must be our Grand Design.  So we’ve got that going for us, smiley face, winky icon.
Fridays are the toughest due to the picking and washing necessary to bring  our customers the finest produce anywhere, Bar None.

Best picking is in the morns, while the dew still adorns.
Our new red potatoes divine, turnips sublime.
Our tender carrots and beets can’t be beat.
Kale and collards, easy to grow, spinaches and chard, super foods you know.
Vining cukes and bushing beans, the Bar None a gardener’s dream.
Mizuna and Yukina the Japanese green, first time most Midwesterners have seen.
Variety lettuces, fresh and gourmet, onions called Patterson and Cabernet.
Arugula named Dragon’s Tongue, growing your food is healthy and fun!
Peppers, tomatoes, mid summer fare, little fruits already there.
Winter squash, Butternut, Waltham, and pumpkins too, all manner of gourds waiting for you.  And the bees they’re a buzzing making golden money, yes that’s right we do sell honey!
At the markets and roadside stand, Bar None Produce, the best in the land!

Come see us at the Fremont Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning.  Get there early for best selection, we sell out every week.  We’ll be set up by 7.


From garden to table.  Swiss Chard sautéed with bacon and onion.  New red potatoes, kicked up with turnips, and arugula, headed for smashed heaven, and a couple of the  best pork chops Brian Bergt has ever raised!