Speed is relative, no?  You’ve run fast and most likely your portfolio includes some runs that you’ve considered less than stellar.

If you’re a Racer you’ve learned that even on your best days it is about what you’ve given more than your result.  How you have acquitted yourself, the degree that you’ve held forth the notion of “In It To Win It.”  Regardless of talent.  Challenging yourself to do better today and tomorrow from what you learned yesterday.

The bottom Run Guru line will always be have you done everything possible to turn in your best possible performance.  Think about the clock and calendar.  You only get so many chances.

Consider the limitations you (or others) have imposed.  Discard them.  Start anew.

Start with simple meditations.  Relax and reboot.  Clear your mind to nothingness and begin again.

What is it You Really Want out of your running?

If you are being dragged down (the man, the teat, etc.) let them go, they have their best interest at heart instead of yours.

Here is what you’ll remember if you are lucky enough to amass 6+ decades- Your Personal Bests.  You won’t remember the manhole cover size bling, you’ll forget your “one free beer”, the moths will take your t-shirts (unless the floods do), your circle of besties will move on.  What will remain are those numbers next to distances.  Digits that will forever define you as a Racer.

It is not necessary to travel to Sacramento or Houston or Indianapolis or Chicago or Duluth or The Cities.  You need not fly to Dubai.  Or London.  Or Berlin.  Its right here in our own back yard.  Yes I want to run to my potential!

Give yourself the very best chance to run a lifetime personal best when you are fit and ready.  Choose the right marathon for goodness sake.  Make no mistakes, Run Valley 7 Lakes.  We invite you to take advantage of the rare opportunity to acquit yourself.

These words coming near the end of a 36 hour fast.  A day and a half with only water.  Providing Clarity Certain.  Cleansing Body and Soul.  How about you?  Fast enough?