I was actually going to title today’s column “Slow is the new Fast” after a blog with the same name by Gina Mooney.  In it she celebrates the joy of being able to slowly put one foot in front of the other, overcoming obstacles, etc. I’d been giving a lot of thought to her message, it being compounded by my own tentative slogging  as I return to the sport I Love.  Happy to report a pain free 9 mile run around the dojo this morning.  I need to lose these 10 pounds I’ve put on over the last 8 weeks but felt the inner runner sparking a bit.

And it was that spark that had me reverse the message to Fast is the new Slow.  Ten weeks ago I was Fast, now I’m Slow.

But will slowly be getting back to fast.  Every time I have had a break from running the resumption is always the same.  Thrill and gratitude and hope and love and happiness all rolling out with each stride.  Thrilled to be sweating a full body sweat.  Grateful for the body that wishes to endure.  Hopeful for tomorrow’s run.  Loving each and every sight and smell and sound, my palate of senses amplified and colored by glorious effort.  Happy that I can once again enjoy the Real World as I define it.

As a Runner.

Congratulations to Good Mate Natalie Como who made her Race Directing debut a successful one.  Over 400 people turned out for the Make A Wish 5K & 10K yesterday raising a nice bit of money for the worthy cause.

Long Distance Running.  Our ultra distance mate Jeremy Morris ran the Lean Horse 100 Mile over the weekend.  He led for much of the race, reaching the 50 Mile mark in under 7 hours (!!!).  Started cramping badly at 44 miles and still soldiered on to a 3rd place overall in 16:01:49, moving him onto the top 10 all time list.  A nod here to local runner Christy Nielsen who ran the accompanying 50 Mile, finished 2nd Overall and first female in a very nice 7 hours 19 minutes and change.

Some good efforts at this past Saturday’s Ted E. Bear Hollow 5K left a lot of people disappointed.  A bunch of prs that raised eyebrows, we went to the USATF website and found out the course is Certified.  So I proclaimed the performances Real and Countable.  This despite most people saying their wrist magic reported 2.96-2.98 miles.  I’ll go with the Certification over a garmin any day though and based my opinion thusly.  It was later reported that the turn around cone was not placed in the proper location and the course was indeed short.  Man, what a drag.  Lesson is this:  Course Certification does little good if you don’t make sure the described points on the map are adhered to.

Feels Really Cool to be running again.  I put my signature runner icon on the “ice bar” at the Rusty Rooster in Yutan yesterday afternoon.  I’ve been to a lot of bars in my life but this was the first time I’ve ever seen an ice bar.