Between 2005 and March 3, 2011 I wrote 1200 columns under Team Nebraska dot com.  RGS debuted on March 4, 2011.  Using an average of 228 columns/year, 500 words/column  3,563 columns, One million, seven hundred fifty thousand words.  Still a lot to say.

Over the last 2 years readership outside the state of Nebraska has reached an all time high.  Thanks largely to Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  I do appreciate all y’all for checking in!

As Real Running and Racing opens back up I’ll be saying more, and to the point.  With a bigger national audience.  Expecting great things, especially next April 24th and the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  We’re revamping the website from the previous cumbersome address to a more sleek,  Not hot just yet but coming soon to a screen near you.

We will be opening virtual registration, with those signing up getting first shot at one of the 500 spots on the start line.  Adhering to local guidelines and best road race management practices.  Providing serious marathoners the very best chance to Run to Your Potential.

Linda is joined by Marty Froelick and his wife Diane.  We are pleased to announce that both have joined our V7LM Race Committee and will play important parts in our efforts towards a world class production.  Diane is a USATF Level II Distance Coach and former 2:50 marathoner.  Marty is the fastest guy in Nebraska.  Was coached by Jim McLatchie to national prominence.  We both debuted at the 1983 Houston Marathon, me in 3:11:11, Marty in 2:12:47 for 3rd overall.  Marty improved his time and place two years later winning Houston in 2:11:14.  Marty’s personal best came in 1987, on the coldest day in Twin Cities Marathon history, defeating a fine field in 2:10:59.  Please join Linda, me, and our V7LM team in welcoming Diane and Marty to the local running scene.  Not for the last time, Giddyup!