My biggest enemy might surprise you.  It’s the lazys, not the crazys.  My prime motivator.  Fear of becoming lazy.  Fear of becoming too comfortable.  You stop growing either way.

I don’t at all consider myself one of those Type A personalities.  Contradicts my need to continually expand my palate.  Strange juxtaposition.  Willing to work until I drop- just as willing to sit on my ass to prove a point.  But always needing something to bring that edge of fear, of failure.  Or of too easy success.  If you knew you were going to win every race you entered it would become a bore.  If guaranteed success was the only outcome life would become maddeningly repetitious.

A lot of motivating trepidation as we approach the beginning of our new chapter, market gardeners.  If the Bar None looks like a blue print for a slam dunk, there’s a lot of nerves behind the scenes.  Anxiety prompting twice the attention to every detail.  Hosting our first open house this weekend and everything must be ship shape.

Life has never been easy.  It never will be.  It never should be.  Challenges.  Difficulty.  Fear.  Opportunities to learn and grow actually.  Excellent exercises in Real Life.