If you are wired anything like me the synapses are really firing this morning.  Triggered by the perfect temperatures.  Annual rite.  Reward.  All those runs you struggled through, sweltering, sweating, cursing that pair of Hs.  What a different response from my legs this morning.

No magical Runner’s World prescription to instant fitness though.  The low and steady hum of tread slapping asphalt over the last 6 weeks, hardly a scratch compared to years past really, still sufficient enough to prompt dreams of Real Racing.

I haven’t raced since Scottsbluff at the end of last September.  The longest such stretch since my running career began over 30 years ago.

I am happy we have, and supportive of, Women Run Nebraska.  Adeline Hohman has done a good job of providing a platform for some  of the fastest mothers in Nebraska.  I reached out to her immediately after losing one of our  top marathoners to them, congratulating on scoring such a good runner and better person.  She gets the competitive club idea.  So lots of good things for me to say about the group.

One of the things WRN is doing that is innovative if completely foreign to my ways of understanding our sport is their Fittin’ in Fitness 5K.  A “virtual” run that can be completed any time any where with anybody or even alone.  Pay an entry fee, submit your time and you get a participation medal  and a t-shirt.  Brilliant marketing ploy.  No competition.  I’ve just sunk another foot into the tar pits.

Quizzes!  What athlete in Beijing for the IAAF World Championships competed for me at the 2012 USATF Club National Championships?  Bonus points!  Why am I so paternal with “my era” of Team Nebraska, drawing a very deep historical line for future inspection?