I want to thank all of you for checking in on my musings.  I’ve had a tremendous amount of  feedback recently and it is appreciated.  For those that have emailed, I’ve given you more than I will post here.  Take that message to the streets.  Dare to not settle for the status quo.  Expect more or you’ll be forever stuck with less.  Ask “Why?” And “Why Not!”  You need only travel for confirmation.

But Real Running and Racing are just half of what is going down in Waterloo.  Bar None Produce has also had a banner year.  Long time readers know we moved to “the country” to get away, but not too far.  Bought this old 1935 farm house as a foreclosed property and man it was in rough shape, the acreage equally neglected and derelict.  Linda and I had a vision.

A lot of hard work has brought us to today.  Improvements for 2017 including a couple grape arbors (completely from repurposed materials) Linda has always wanted.  The potting shed is near completion, replete with electric and water.  Two hundred feet of solid white picket fence adorning the  front, allowing Jedediah free range.  New roofs on the house, barn, garage, and studio.  Fresh coat of paint.  New chicken coop.  New driveway.  Some interior work, exposing the original brick chimney hidden behind four layers of sheetrock.   Expanded the main garden to 16,000 square feet.  Landscaping all around with serene nooks for a moment’s respite.

Created our own niche as the only completely chemical free operation at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market.  Organic growers use organic chemicals, we don’t.  Expanded our “boutique” clientele.  Put up over 90% of our food needs for the year, canning, freezing, pickling, dehydrating.  2018 seed orders already coming in, time to start again in just a few weeks.

Made many amendments to the soil and in life.  Without sacrificing principles.  Remained my own boss.  A lot of parallels there.  No cubicles or timeclocks.  No puppet master calling my shots.  Cleansing Sacrifice.  Happier and Healthier than ever.

Good thing we were marathon runners!  More work accomplished at age 60 than in my entire life.  My hands resembling my dad’s more each day.