One of the biggest and strongest guys I know is also the most mild mannered.  That’s you Bruce Newton.  Calm, measured, even.  I’m hoping to pick up some of his traits.

I typically go for the sledge to make my points.  Finesse and Grace not among my strong suits.  But again, I’m hoping to learn and enjoy these skills.

If my wordsmithing is a prime example, so were the past many hours of toiling behind the tiller.  Eight point five horsepower, rear tine, nearly 8 hours of wrestling the beast before I finally found my Zen in the Art of Tilling.  Instead of grappling, coaxing.  Instead of hammering, guiding.  Becoming one with my angst, absorbing it, letting it pass through me, and on the other side, mastery.


This little parcel for annuals and perennials.  For such a hard ass I have an affinity for fresh cut flowers.  Strawberry patch in the raised bed in rear.  Grapes, blackberries, and raspberries also entering their second season.

20140417_195405Cool weather greens (kale, cabbage, lettuces, chards, mizuna) will be moved from their seedling trays to this bed.   Allium Sepa (onions),  Rhubarb, asparagus, and horseradish already established in their corners.

20140417_195533And the Big Patch.  60′ x 80′.  I’ve turned over 6000 square feet of the Good Mother.  Potato slips going in today.  Melons, peppers, root vegetables, tomatoes, corn, peas, beans, will all be tended with loving care.

And three of my favorite Boston Marathon pieces:

2008 Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon banner.  One of, if not the biggest highlights of my service to USATF was chairing WLDR National Championships and working with B.A.A. for the Trials.  I passed on a trip to Paris to fulfill this dream.  Don’t regret it for a moment.

20140418_085418Autographs from 4 Legends.

20140418_085442Johnny Kelley the Elder.  This bobblehead keeps me constant company in the home office.

Have a great weekend and if you feel like getting down and dirty come on out to the Bar None for this weekend’s Gardening 101 seminar.