Happy Veteran’s Day to all my fellow vets.  Hard to believe that it was only 35 years ago that I was a young boatswain’s mate.

Young and tough, my standard line is that I could whip you then and I can whip you now.

Proud to say that my dad served in Korea as well.

We had a Bar None NRGE run on Saturday.  Tammy Consbruck, Jerrod Anzalone, Kyle Clouston, Lindsey Brezenski, Linda and me and Jeff Jensen.  Brave runners all amidst the flurry of constant gun fire, not for the faint of heart out on Our Little Slice.  And nary a lighthouse to be seen.  Following the run we were entertained and enlightened by Mike Hajek-Jones.  Regaled us with tales of Real Running back when it was something special.   Mike knows more about the history of running in Nebraska than you do.  And me too.  And way back in the day he was way faster than you.  And me too.

Speaking of popping a few off, Linda’s dear, sweet Tom stopped by yesterday afternoon with his Browning semi-automatic.  I admitted that I was rusty, hadn’t done any target shooting in a year.  The pressure was on after watching him not miss 10 in a row.   I steeled myself and proceeded to knock off five out of five.  Confident and content that I can still defend myself, my family, my property, and my country if needs be.  Once a Vet, Always a Vet.