I posed the question a couple years ago “Would you run a hundred miler if no one would ever know?”

Today’s question:  Would you dedicate yourself to a life’s passion if no historical record would ever know you?

No laruels.  If in it for the right reasons accolades matter not.

In 2001 I started making it about you.  Those that aspired.  Spent the next 12 years describing and implementing a vision met with glad tidings and stiff resistance.  Fought the battles of my professional life for the program.  For you.

The critics, not as legion as in former days, but very vocal,  will still try and convince you that my efforts are completely self serving.  Yep, 35 years of service to the sport stuffed tidily into that nutshell.  Preferring that I be completely written out of the historical fabric of our association.  And disappointing if not surprising, I’ve been scrubbed from the historical archives of my former club.  Like 12 years just magically happened, I never existed.

Fourteen years and hundreds of athletes later, my hopes are that your ledger differs.  But not mandatory.

What prompts this?


I’d do it all again.  Without any fanfare.  Certainly without the drama.  Without any recognition.

For you.  If you aspire.

And for you seekers, looking for my truth, not far to go.  The author’s version vs. revisionist history.

And finally, an appropriate quote out of yesterday’s OWH:

“You can always tell gifted and highly intelligent people as they always turn to the past.  Any young person who knows anything that happened before 1980, or 1990, or 2000 for that matter, is immediately someone who  is intelligent, probably creative, maybe a writer.  Nobody who is drawn to the past and learning about the past is not gifted.”– Mike Nichols (1931-2014)