For nothin’ left to lose.
Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but its free!

We are right on schedule for our Grand Lark.  T-minus 17 days until we are outta here!  Open Door Mission, Goodwill, Salvation Army, neighbors all on the receiving end of a life’s accumulation of stuff.  Outside of a few basic essentials the rest will remain on property.  Downsizing nearly complete.  We’ve even traded our 24′ Coachman camper for a more mobile 16′ RPod.  I’ve always romanticized the Vagabond Life.  Not beholdin to anyone or anything, save my Dear Sweet Linda.

Spit out La Leche de Madre in favor of  freedom of expression and speech.  Teams and programs gone by the by, small price to pay.  Leaving others attached to the teat of supposed entitlement.  Unaware or uncaring to blinding curds, stifling obedience justified through easy sustenance.

The more lost, the more liberated I and this column have become.  Nuthin’ aint worth nuthin’  but its free.

I’ve never wanted to be just like everyone else.  Have made a life of thumbing my nose at supposed authority and convention.

While on the road the major focus will be working on “Phineas Taylor and the Dandy Road Show Boys.”  Already a minor adjustment to the subtitle, from “A Romp Over Omaha” to “A Romp Over Nebraska.”

Would you have the balls?  To strike out and grab life with both hands?  To make it your own?  To be truly Free?

My Old Buddy Andre Lejeune stopped by yesterday.  Headed to Denver from the CrossFit World Championships in Madison, WI.  We attended Lamar University in the late 80s, fast friends  for over 30 years now.  He’s pals with Floyd Landis, the last American  to win the Tour de France.  Now in the business of helping others “Relax and Recover.”  Something to take on the road to  be sure!