Not sure if I can whip myself into shape in the next 9 days but if yesterday was any indication I’ve got a prayer at least.  After a brisk 1 mile warm up with Jed, eight miles with the first 4 at 8:25 pace, the next 4 at 7:09, 7:00, 7:00, 7:00.  Six miles on this morning’s first Geezer Run of the year with 2 X 1 Mile in the second half.  I like running fast, its one of my very Favorite Things.

Drew’s Chocolates in Dexter, IA is another of my Favorite Things.  Founded in 1900 in New Hampshire and moved to the house it still occupies in 1927, the little operation fork dips each chocolate by hand.   Monday we got a lesson on Real Chocolate and why there are just a handful of these left in the U.S.

Maytag Blue Cheese is another of my Favorite Things.  The Maytag Dairy Farm is in Newton, IA,  a lovely drive on I-80, just a few miles East of Des Moines.  I love it on salads and steaks and sandwiches and crackers and just about anything else I can spread it on.  I get at least one wheel a year.

Oban Scotch is also a Favorite Thing.  I get a bottle of this fine 14 year old Single Malt Whisky every Christmas, a gift to myself for being a Good Boy all year.  I sip it neat, it usually lasts 6 months at that rate.

Good fresh roasted coffee, slab bacon, the cool side of the pillow, the twinkle in Linda’s eyes, I guess I have a lot of Favorite Things after all.

And running fast.