Here they come.

Heartbreak Hill.  Heartbroken Will.  The 2021 Boston Marathon will not be held this coming April due to covid concerns.  They are planning on a reschedule into the fall.

In a sad twist of fate Saturday April  24th, 2021 becomes all the more important for American Athletes looking to Run To Their Potential.  Our small field size now an advantage.

We’ve been working hard on what we envision as the must do spring marathon for those most serious about their race results.  Whether you’re 2:10 or 5 hours.

Pancake flat, completely closed, cushy asphalt roads.

National class American  men and women leading the way.  We hope you’ll join us.  Not many sports allow you to line up next to the very best athletes.  This little marathon in Valley, Nebraska, “America’s Marathon!”  A World Class Race with Small Town Charm.