While this old dinosaur may never completely escape, this website and the rest of our social media efforts are gradually emerging from the muck.  Thank you Jordan Tucker for all of your hard work.  Jordo has been doing some Mac Magic and moving forward these musings will also appear on our new Team Nebraska facebook page.  And I still couldn’t tell you the difference between a group and a page.

What a Bunch of Babies!  Shannon Stenger, Paul Wilson, Dustin Llewellyn, Shawn Kellis (twins), Laura Neel and forgive me if I’ve missed any recent deliveries.  Here is the Very Best parenting tip I can give you:  Read John Rosemond in the OWH every Tuesday morning.  He is old school and his column harkens back to a better time.  He insists it is more important to teach respect for authority than to encourage the expression, rather than control, of feelings.  That emotions without emotional restraint is damaging, that those full of self-esteem have little respect for others.

Being a product of the late 50’s and 60’s, discipline was unquestioned in my house.  And I tend to run Team Nebraska the same way.  We’ve got a great bunch of people on this club and I am fortunate that they understand the importance and effect of tough love and good parenting.  We’ve lost some talented runners because they didn’t, but we’ve lost some talented runners that did too, so that as much as anything sums up the real world.

I’ve made an effort to ameliorate some of my edges over the last few years, you can teach an old dino new tricks, even one with a foot firmly stuck in the attitudes and disciplines of La Brea.

I always tell new mates there are only 2 rules to being on Team Nebraska: 1) You must ALWAYS compete in uniform.  2) You must respect both the club and the leadership.