As always, corrections first.  Dylan Wilson pointed out that I misidentified the young lady in the LRC kit yesterday.  Sorry, it was not Hayley Sutter but rather Nora Youngs.

We had a great turnout for our first NRGE Wednesday Night Track Work.  I snapped a bunch of pics only to find my memory card still in the computer.  Must be some way to retrieve them, thanks for being patient.

Please visit, like, and share our Lake Zorinsky Security Camera facebook page,  We already have donations coming in and are working with several generous community groups and individuals.  We Will Do This!

I want to recognize my old buddy Bob Harris for his contribution to the effort.  As many of you know Bob has been the brains behind the digital brochures I use to promote my races.  Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run and October’s Vala’s Monster Dash,

He is the President of FrontRunIt (and oh by the way an Ironman)  does some really great stuff for not only my races but some of the major golf courses, and other customers across the U.S.  And while I’ve used his “digbros” for several years now I was very happy when he added online race registration to the package.  I had previously used, primarily due to their extensive promotional clout.  But I always encourage people to “shop local” whenever possible and now proudly support FrontRunIt.   When you enter my races or participate in the Will vs Bill Camera Challenge, you can rest assured that Bob has your security and convenience at the top of his list.  I’ll add now how wonderful it is to hit up his cell any time I have a question and get immediate service.  I never got that with active.

Look for coverage of our Lake Zorinsky Security Challenge tonight on our local FOX News affiliate!

“Same Seaters”.  I guess that is what Linda and I are called when we go into restaurants.  We always sit next to each other instead of across from each other.  Food service professionals have a name for that and I was tickled to find it out.  No coincidence that we also have the biggest smiles.