Retirement, laugh out loud.  Our little mom and pop operation has completed the 2020 Winter Fitness Series, 3 of our favorite runs of the year.  The 14th annual Nebraska Trail Run coming up on April 4th.  Toughest Trail Run in the Midwest

The Valley  Days 1500 Meters and Waterloo Days  2 Mile in August.  Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon/10K/5K in September.  And oh by the way building Nebraska’s newest and best marathon World’s Flattest Marathon

And building our dream home.  Selected all the plumbing, faucets, and fixtures yesterday.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Time for a little fun!

Linda and I are packing the r-pod and headed for the open road.  Waiting one extra day for the morning temperatures to hit double digits.  Headed to my boyhood home for a brief sojourn, chance to reconnect with  lifetime friends  Then on to Nashville to pitch what will be next year’s chart topping CMA award winner, “You hate me when you’re sober, I can’t stand you when you’re drunk!”  Heart wrenching lyrics describing my first 10 years in Omaha.

The big prize for your intrepid travelers is the Big Show.  Pulling into Atlanta a few days before the cannon fires, sending almost 600 dreamers on their 26.2 mile opportunity of a lifetime.  I had a cat bird seat for the ’04 St. Louis & ’08 Boston Trials, made them in Houston in 2012, missed L.A. in 16.  Ready to catch up with colleagues from across the U.S., regaling and toasting and boasting to ensue.

I’ll be posting up occasionally.  Hope you’ll check in and see what makes Fun Guru Says.