The longer you set on the fence the tougher the decision becomes.  The fact that you even have a choice is a good thing.   Most runners have already selected their  spring marathon.  I’m still hearing from those that have not yet pulled the trigger though.  What’s it going to be?

We knew going a week before Lincoln would be drawing a very deep line in the scheduling sand.  I’ve used the Platte River as demarcation before, I’ll frame the other side with the Elkhorn River.  Not Lincoln, not Omaha.  Something completely different.   Appropriate that Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is in the  middle of the  two deepest metaphors in Eastern Nebraska.

So reminiscent of when I first moved to Nebraska.  Seeing what Nebraska’s two major cities offered the  running community.   And what they didn’t.    A little history lesson leading to today.
The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon now no less an effort to elevate Nebraska’s esteem regionally and nationally.  By offering the state’s only legitimate closed road marathon.  There is a reason that top tier American athletes have not peppered the winner board in Lincoln.   And why all of Omaha’s marathons are won with pedestrian times.  As much as you may tire of me complaining about road races run on sidewalks, the rest of the marathoning U.S. understands the distinction loud and clear.

Look, USATF encountered major resistance when founded 18 years ago.  Team Nebraska even more  of a battle, upsetting the balance of power until ultimately wrested to its demise.   Beyond me.  Nothing worth doing is easy though.

So we’ve started a new marathon.  A new tradition.  New visions of excellence.  Firm grip on the helm this time,  lessons learned over the last near 20 years guiding the effort.  Offering a product meeting personal standards cultivated over the last 40 years.  Not beholding to Lincoln.  Not beholding to Omaha.  The dream of raising Nebraska’s respectability on the United States Marathoning map.  By being the best.

So what will you do?  Are you ready to get off the pot?