Linda and I had the boys out yesterday for their weekly farm strong.  I’m not sure who gets the bigger kick out of it, me or them.  When mom pulled up I was just finishing their multi sensory spatial awareness exercise, Bar None style.  The first time through was a big laugh, the second time was furrowed brows, and by the fifth time through the most basic steps were mastered.  More importantly the skill set has been implanted and will forever be in their bag of tricks.

Its Play.  Its Farm Strong.  No machines, no memberships, nothing soft at all.  When we had finished our hour the entire group was covered in dirt and sweat and smiles.

Wrong.  Its not the humidity, it is the heat.  Twenty five years on the Gulf Coast gives me a different perspective and tolerance of the wet stuff.  I love it.  The last three days have seen 6-8 degree jumps from when I’ve started to when I’ve finished, including this morning’s 8.5 sweat fest.

The 2014 Bar None Booze Cruise and NRGE Elite Beer Mile will be this Saturday.  Happy hour starts at 4:00 sharp, Booze Cruise at 5:00 and the featured event promptly at 6:00.  We’ve got 40 or 50 people coming out for the spectacle (and fundraiser).  Kyle Clouston’s 7:37 from last year will be crushed like so many merlot grapes.  Ivan Marsh figures to be the among the main competitors, he could push Kyle to a sub 7 this year.  And they might not even take home the coveted NRGE Elite Beer Mile awards and accolades reserved for the champion.  I’ve brought in a wringer that rhymes with winner.  Should be interesting.  On the women’s side Stacy Shaw has Lindsey Brezenski’s course mark directly in her sights.  This is going to be fun.

Now go play!