There’s good days and then there are Great Days!  Today, the latter.

Driving to Lincoln for this morning’s races it became apparent that The Good Mother had a little extra test for Grant.  15 mph winds sustained, gusting to 30, steady rain, mid 30s.  The Mo-Pac as crappy mucky muddy as I’ve seen it in 15 years.

I predicted a new course record (50:22).  Grant’s 50:51 may well be one of the best races ever at State Farm.  Solo the entire way, Cory Logsdon (54:45, pr) and Michael Rathje (55:47) getting a good look at this once in a generation talent.  Mike Morgan’s best on the course of 50:58 should tell the rest of the world.

Great Day Indeed!  Jay Welp has been working his butt off.  I had to work mine off to get him in the race.  Worth every minute.  The 5K start line featured The Major Players.  Rutford of LRC Racing, Morrissey of Team Nebraska.  Good guys both.  I’m going to say right now how much I admire Colin.  Doesn’t have the end speed of a Rutford, realizes that to have a chance at the end he needs to take the sting out of any finishing kick.  So he did.  4:45 for the first mile and a 30 meter lead exiting the St. Farm campus.  Not too much later, we see the lead bike turning for home and by golly Colin is still hanging tough.  Making a hell of a race out of it.  He takes his lead to the sweeping curve behind the campus!  Rutford and our Jay Welp hot on his heels.

I gently spoke to Jay prior to the gun.  Pointed out that there were several notches to be had for his belt.  Reminded him how hard he has been working.  May have mentioned how little respect he gets.  He earned it today.  Against Team Nebraska and LRC Racing’s best.



Once in a generation.


Jay clear of Johnny and Colin.  Finishing speed that caught everyone except me by surprise!