My last column touted efforts to get back on the track.  Things were going well.  And then my brother in law died of a massive heart attack prompting 1200 miles of driving instead of 400 meters of racing.  Melvin Yoder, good Amish man, he’s missed by many.  The only difference between a Mennonite Christian Church funeral and any other is the number of buggies out front.

Father’s Day came and went, I was fortunate to speak to my own dad.  At 89 years old the Old Cowboy is still kicking it pretty good.

I’ve never been given to shopping.  You either need something and go get it or you don’t need it.  I made an exception last week and gave in to an impulse purchase.  Picked up a sweet Swiss Wakmann 7 Jewels stopwatch.  I carried the exact same stopwatch for the first couple years of my running career, before real running watches, before gps, before apple, before….

You never know when its your time, such a precious gift.