Almost Christmas, everywhere!  No matter how you celebrate we hope you get the most important of gifts, time with family.

Christmas 1961.  I was 4 years old.  My favorite gift was Talk to Cecil.  A hand puppet with a pull string.  “Likes to hunt”.  “Lives near water”.  “I’m coming Beany Boy!”  And a couple other rudimentary phrases lost to time.

1966, The Hotwheels Rally Case.  I still have it.

Christmas 1967.  Favorite gift was Incredible  Edibles.

1969 it was the World Almanac.  Simple.

1970, now 13 and found this on the front porch.   I put on hundreds of miles, pulled thousands  of wheelies!  I couldn’t believe that dad had saved up enough for the Best Christmas Present Ever!

Christmas, 1976.  I was 19 years old and in the U.S. Navy.  Stationed in Virginia Beach, VA.   Spent that day alone.  Had Christmas dinner at a Winchell’s Donut House.

The 1980s were spent in Houston.  Ten years working rotating shifts in the chemical plants.  Including Christmas, double time and a half, so others could have time with their families.

The 1990s I started my own.  Miles, Alli, Katie.

The 2000s bringing me to Nebraska.


And in 2012 a new life, a new love.

Wishing you not only a Merry Christmas, but also a Wonderful Life!