Banner news is everyone’s  favorite Kaci Lickteig is the 2016 Western States Champion.  Her main competitor Magdalena Boulet took a week’s worth of illness to the start line and never made it much further.  Doesn’t at all diminish the well deserved laurels.

My take is this.  Mags is in her 40s, Kaci in her late 20s.  Going Early.  I declared it would be a quantum leap if Kaci could claim the title, I’ve rethought that position.  Kaci is the new face of ultra running.  Instead of taking the traditional route of national class marathoner moving up, she takes youth and exuberance and talent and that magical fast/slow twitch gift to the genre.

Darned proud of our mates Pete & Kyle too.  Pete in under 20 hours, Kyle ever the soldier in 25 and change.  Jeff Gregg too, now having mastered the Black Hills 100.

Kevin Joerger knew the drill going in.  Go Early.  For the first time in my memory young Seth Hersh actually trailed in a race.  Chasing Kevin.  He of  juevos mas grande de todos.  Forcing the pace, the only way to have a chance against the wunderkind.  Seth catching him on the second hill and besting to the line by 20 or so seconds.   Chink Chink goes the armor.  I’m reminding you that Kevin’s 5K track personal best is 14:10.  Nurturing that talent along in proper order.

Sam and Jackson Runde also racing well, Jackson scoring a personal best and Sam learning the exquisite agony of 2 miles of side stitch.  Every difficulty, every pain, every suffering tempering this future champion.

Stacy  Shaw captured the masters $$ at Cornfield Cornfield.  John Tully scoring an age group pr.  No one off course this year.  Luka made a rare appearance for the win, Michelle Paxton same as she ever is.

Jay Welp, Go Early!  He did just that in the men’s 5000 at Club  T&F Champs.  9:50 through 2 miles before his hip blew up.  Discretion the better part of valor, I scratched him from the 1500.  He’ll be back.