Scenario:  Old man gets his tired butt out the door this morning.  Slowly eases into familiarity and solace of the rhythm of the road.  A couple miles in and the remaining modicum of fluidity washes over like wave over stone.  The old bones still able to bring work and honesty and joy.  Good Bones.

Scenario:  Old house battered for a century.   Harsh Nebraska winters and summers leaving scars and scratches and scrapes and character.  Families move in and out.  The house remains the same.  Well constructed.  Old bones.  Good Bones.

Scenario:  USATF Nebraska Association Long Distance Running program.  Old soul, rural Illinois farm boy, founds and launches and rides herd over something dear and passionate and worth it.  Program thrives.  Splintered but whole.  Withstanding all the miles and harsh Nebraska winters and summers.  Good Bones.


The Bar None suffered massive damage from the hail storm on June 29th.  New roofs already up on the house, garage and studio.  They’ll have the barn finished today.  Good Bones.